Will You Do the Unthinkable?

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When was the last time you did the Unthinkable? Have you ever toed that line and crossed over into what others consider to be Unthinkable?

Today’s post is a little different from my usual posts. With his permission, it is dedicated to my client, Scott Rigsby, who was the first double amputee on prosthetics to complete the Ford Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 2007. Scott will be doing the race for a second time this coming Saturday. Keep reading for his story and a special giveaway, courtesy of Scott.


Scott’s story is an inspiring one. A horrific accident when he was 18 left Scott with a traumatic brain injury and without his right leg. Twelve years later he made the agonizing decision to have his other leg amputated, as it had never healed from the accident. For many years, Scott was lost but found his calling to do the unthinkable by competing in the world of triathlons. He shattered many records as the first double amputee on prosthetics to compete in a number of distance races. His sights though were set on the pinnacle of all triathlons, the Hawaii Ironman or what has become known as the Ford Ironman World Championship.

Scott has also formed the Scott Rigsby Foundation “dedicated to inspire, inform and enable physically challenged individuals with loss of limb or mobility, to live an active lifestyle.” He speaks around the country to all kinds of groups to inspire them to do the unthinkable, never give up and overcome challenges to achieve what others consider impossible.


Working with Scott the past few months to prepare him for Kona and the Ford Ironman World Championship, has been a humbling experience. He is a warm and open man whose capacity for positive thought in the midst of a life of constant challenges is admirable and inspiring. I have never heard Scott complain or once say a negative word, despite constant obstacles thrown in his path, which happens almost daily. I am amazed every time we talk of what new challenges or obstacles he has faced in his daily life. The saying “if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” has come to my mind on many occasions when we have spoken. Yet he does not complain.

Leading up to the race in 2007, Scott suffered set back after set back, including a cracked vertebrae at Ironman Coeur d’Alene three months before Hawaii. He still managed to finish the Ironman in Hawaii in just under 17 hours. This time around, Scott is in much better shape and has been able to shed almost 30 pounds. With the weight loss, there have been challenges with getting his prosthetics to fit properly, however. Scott has remained dedicated to his mission and to his training. We have worked slowly and systematically to overhaul his nutrition, which has helped him perform at higher levels than ever before as well as feel better than ever before. All of the credit goes to Scott though.


I look forward to tracking Scott’s progress on the race on Saturday. I know he is going to have an outstanding day. You can follow along too at http://data.srmlive.de/IMHawaii/ or at http://kona.ironmanlive.com/#axzz1ZvlRV0ih.

Scott has graciously given me a signed copy of his book, Unthinkable, to give away to one lucky reader. Please leave a comment below by 12 pm EST on this Friday, October 7 with what you have done or plan to do to conquer the Unthinkable! A winner will be chosen at random.