Tailgating on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta

On the set of CBS Better Mornings Atlanta with Tracye Hutchins

This morning I had the pleasure of doing two live segments on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta on healthy tailgating. I focused on side dishes and how to get more fruits and vegetables on the tailgating table. It was so much fun! The recipes are posted in my blog post Tailgating Recipes. You can watch both video segements online:

Tailgating with BMA (Part I)

Tailgating with BMA (Part II)

I made a watermelon salsa, a black-eyed pea dip, a garden fresh quinoa salad, homemade hummus with veggies for dipping and some fruit tartlettes for dessert. Playing off colorful veggies, I incorporated red and black, my team colors into the food. I even put some fresh raspberries and blackberries in a pitcher of water to encourage people to drink more water and have a refreshing treat at the same time.

It wouldn’t be a tailgate without chips. I did serve Frito Lay’s Tostito Scoops and Frito Scoops with the watermelon salsa and the black-eye pea dip. These are chips that I feel good about pairing with my fresh and healthy dips because they are made with just three simple ingredients: corn, healthier oils and salt (though at a moderate level). Also, the shape makes it convenient to get more of the fruits and veggies in your mouth. The Tostitos even have 8 grams of whole grain per serving. Of course you still must eat in moderation with chips and be mindful of how many you are eating, using the serving size on the bag as a guide.

I made everything the day before the segment, but waited until the last minute to assemble the tartlettes. I could not have done it all without the fabulous help of dietetic intern, Al Matheny. Al is great in the kitchen, very creative and super knowledgeable. He kept me on track and all his slicing and dicing really helped the food look its best! Also, a special thanks to my PR maven Laura Scholz for landing me the spot on CBS Better Mornings. She even showed up before dawn to help with her little known food styling skills! She is awesome, end of story!

Awesome Al with me on the set

 Note: While I did receive money from Frito Lay to feature their products in my segment, it is something I would have done anyway. I wouldn’t feel comfortable being a spokesperson for just any chip or snack as my credibility as a dietitian and nutrition expert are more important than anything else. But we live in the real world where people enjoy chips, especially at a tailgate!  I would rather help people make a better choice and have stated my reasons above as they are a true reflection of my feelings and knowledge on the subject.