Recipe Redux: Chocolate Caramel Banana Bites

This month’s Recipe Redux is our favorite chocolate pairings, since it is February after all. Of course I love chocolate and will eat it will just about anything. It was no easy task settling on my favorite healthy pairing. But I do love chocolate with fruit and I absolutely adore it with caramel. My love […]

Homemade Caramel Sauce in 5 Minutes

I admit it, I have a sweet tooth. And almost as much as I love chocolate, I love caramel! Put the two together, and oh my….but wait, I’m jumping ahead of myself to another post later today. I think I’ve made my own caramel sauce maybe once. On a stovetop and it took a lot […]

Recipe Redux – Fig Preserves

This month’s Recipe Redux theme is Raising the Bar on Food in a Jar. I’m sure you may have noticed on Pinterest that meals in a mason jar are all the rage from Overnight Oats (which I should probably try but my bowl works just fine) to Salads. I guess if I didn’t work from […]

2 Fiber Boosting Kid Friendly Recipes

I admit it, I love cereal. At any given time you can generally find at least three different types of cereal in my pantry. You see, I can’t eat just one variety, I have to have at least two different ones in my bowl. It is a habit leftover from college where I would go […]

The Water Cooler: The Sweet Truth about Fruit

In various settings lately, I’ve overheard the comment that an otherwise healthy person is avoiding eating fruit because of its sugar content. This is precisely the wrong thing to do and a misunderstanding of nutrition information. While yes, we need to limit the amount of sugar we eat daily it is the ADDED sugar that […]