Menu Plan Monday – October 8

Yesterday we did my favorite fall activity – apple picking at Mercier Orchards! We went last year for the first time and it will always be an annual event for our family. It was pretty chilly and overcast, but that did not deter us from our fun. The apples are not sprayed with pesticides so […]

Menu Plan Monday – August 6

You may or may not remember that a few months ago I found a rogue tomato plant growing in my front yard. I transplanted it to my garden, not knowing exactly what I would be getting. Surprise, they are grape tomatoes! So far, these are the only tomatoes on any of my 5 plants! Looks […]

MSPI, A Nutrition Mystery Solved – Part III

[This is a 3 part series discussing MSPI. Read Part I and Part II for more information on what is MSPI and my personal story.] So what on earth do I eat that doesn’t contain soy or dairy? Well, there are actually many more choices than people realize. And there are certainly many more options […]

MSPI, A Nutrition Mystery Solved – Part II

[This is a 3 part series discussing MSPI. Read Part I if you missed it to find out exactly what is MSPI.] My Personal Story with MSPI. Breastfeeding did not come easily to my son and I. It was often painful and frustrating, though I persevered because it was important to me to provide the […]

MSPI, A Nutrition Mystery Solved – Part I

MSPI, sounds like another cop drama doesn’t it? Or in the context of my blog and profession, some sort of nutrition investigation, which isn’t far from the truth. I first became familiar with MSPI, or milk soy protein intolerance, over three years ago after my son was born. At the time, there wasn’t much information […]