Expanding Our Horizons

Cameron is going to be in an in-home daycare starting at the end of January. So we have been focusing on expanding the number of foods he has been exposed to and will eat. It has been slow progress the past few months. Cameron is not that into food, at least not yet. Between his […]

Happy 1st Birthday

Cameron’s first birthday was this month. He was also christened on the same day so it was a very big celebration with the family. Leading up to the big day, I was going back and forth about what to do for his cake. Cameron hasn’t had egg whites yet, and we weren’t sure if he reacted […]

I’ll take yogurt with that please….

Finally, Cameron has outgrown his intolerance to the protein found in dairy products. This means freedom for me, as I’ve been dairy free since his birth (and I love cheese, milk and yogurt!), and yogurt for Cameron! Yogurt is a great source of protein, calcium and gut-friendly probiotics. Yes, there are alternatives for those that can’t do […]

Orange Crush

I’m not sure how it happened, but Cameron will eat pretty much anything orange, which in the fruit and vegetable world is a good thing. The orange color exists in certain fruits and vegetables due to the presence of carotenoids, which turn into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A supports the immune system, helps […]

A is for……Avocado!!

My enthusiasm for introducing my son to a variety of foods has to be kept in check by his willingness to eat and try foods. For every step forward, we seem to take three back. But so it goes. I am doing my best to follow his lead when it comes to eating food. I […]

How Sweet It Is…

As a dietitian and self-professed foodie, starting my son on solids has been an exciting adventure. The ability to introduce my son to an array of tantalizing flavors of all kinds of foods, is akin to an artist staring at the possibilities of a fresh canvas. His untainted palate will be shaped by the foods […]