Off the Back Burner

Once upon a time I was in shape, really good shape. I was at my peak in 2003 when I completed the Lake Placid Ironman. I never felt stronger or better. Fast forward to today with two children under the age of 4,  not so much. At least they do help me with my arm strength though. I was not able to exercise much with either pregnancy due to being high risk and spending 8-10 weeks on bed rest with both. Needless to say, I’m starting at ground zero with my fitness.

When it comes to exercise, I’m driven by event goals. It isn’t enough just to say I want to lose the last few pounds of baby weight or feel better. I do, but I need more motivation, like a race or an event. For those that have followed my blog for a while know that I attempted to get back into the world of triathlons two years ago. That didn’t end up so well for me as I crashed out of the race and ended up with a concussion and separated shoulder. To say it was a setback is an understatement. It shook me to my core and I haven’t been back on my bike outside, which has always been my favorite sport, since.

Last year, I trained for Ovarian Cycle, a 6 hour indoor bike ride, which I loved (I’ve only crashed once riding indoors on my trainer – don’t ask –  but no accidents thus far on my spin bike, knock on wood!). I enjoyed training for the event but soon after I discovered I was pregnant with my little girl.

This year, I haven’t decided, though I miss running. I’m thinking about a half-marathon in the spring, which was always my favorite running distance. In the meantime, I have decided to kickstart my fitness through an 8 week virtual bootcamp, the Best Body Bootcamp with Tina Reale. I’ve followed Tina’s blog for a few years and watched her achieve amazing athletic endeavors as well as start her own personal training business. So far, I’m loving her program! I have a great gym setup in my basement that has been collecting dust the past few years, but no more. I’m in week 2 and feeling it! I never could have put together such a great grouping of exercises on my own.

It is tough some days to figure out how to fit in my workouts and there are certainly days that I’ve missed my workout. But each day I start anew. There is always that battle of mommy guilt of taking time for myself. But I am a better mom and more energetic when I make the time to workout. I have also discovered that I can throw the football with my son while I ride my spin bike. My daughter sits off to the side playing with her toys and watching us. Though she might be mobile very soon which will throw a wrench in things but I’ll adjust when it happens. Feel free to share in the comments below your secrets for fitting in your workouts when being pulled in a million different directions.

I’m finally removing my inner athlete from the back burner and putting her back where she belongs, front and center.