Menu Planning Pickle

So I’ve written several versions of this post in my head, but unfortunately I didn’t start writing it when I should have. If I had, maybe I wouldn’t be in the current pickle that I find myself. It isn’t the worst of predicaments; there are certainly much worse, it is just annoying.

I’ve been so proud of myself that I have finally found a menu planning system that is working for me. I’ve been at it for a few months, but truly committed the past 3 weeks. Admittedly, posting it here every week has helped with that. And I can honestly say, that making it a priority has made my life so much more peaceful and less stressful during the week. A big burden has certainly been lifted that I’m not scrambling at 5 or 6 pm wondering what I’ll make for dinner.

So what happened this afternoon when I did my weekly grocery shopping trip has rocked my world. In the juggle of my 2 year old, coupons, grocery bags, helping my husband, etc., I put down my clipboard with all of my past, current and draft for next week’s menu plans and grocery shopping lists. Of course I realized this as soon as I got home and looked for it to prepare dinner. I went back to the grocery store about an hour later and it wasn’t at the cashier lane where I checked out (the last place I can say for certain I had it), it wasn’t turned in at customer service, and no where to be seen in the grocery carts near where I had parked. So some lucky person has my clipboard with about 6 weeks worth of menu plans, grocery shopping lists and a coupon or two that I didn’t use tonight.

But enough of my pity party, here is my reconstructed plan for this week:

Monday: Chili (I’ll be making up the recipe as I go in my crockpot) and spinach salad

Tuesday: Baked salmon, broccoli & brown rice (I’ll make up the seasonings as I go, depending upon my mood)

Wednesday: Garden turkey meatballs and spaghetti from No Whine with Dinner  (I’ll probably make another veggie on the side)

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade pizza and spinach salad

Saturday: Mustard maple pork tenderloin, mediterranean vegetables and quinoa

Sunday: Flaky fish sticks from The Mom’s Guide to Meal Makeovers, roasted sweet potatoes and green beans

Feedback from last week’s menu: of course things got a little out of whack last week with the big snow/ice. I ended up shuffling a few things around, but stuck to the plan, just not in the original order. While everything was really good there were 2 standouts as new favorites. The big hits with the whole family last week were the Beany Cheesy Quesadillas and the Cheesy Meat Loaf Minis. We do love our cheese, especially my 2 year old.

My life will go on, and I’ll rebuild my menu planning system. At least I know what works for me now. And be sure to check out more menu plans here.

So share with me, what is the most annoying, but not life shattering thing you’ve lost?