Menu Plan Monday–August 15


You may have noticed the past few weeks that I have not been posting as often between menu plans. I just have been so busy and worn out at the end of the day that posting more often hasn’t been possible. While I had a temporary surge in energy levels after my first trimester, it didn’t last very long unfortunately. I am working on simplifying my menu plans each week so that I am spending less time in the kitchen at night as well.

I failed to mention last week that the Sweet Apple & Squash Lasagna from the other week was outstanding. I can see this being a regular menu item for the fall. Even my son gobbled it up. This past week I also made this Olive Bread that was very good. The only change I made was using primarily whole wheat flour rather than just bread flour alone. I do want to experiment with the recipe though to make in my bread machine.

I also made Lady and Sons Okra and Tomatoes this past week using the fresh okra and tomatoes from my garden. I served it over quinoa with roasted salmon. Unfortunately I never had my camera handy this past week to snap a few pictures.

Here is this week’s menu plan that I will be supplementing with various vegetables and fruits throughout the week:

Monday: Chicken Sausage Pasta with Vegetables

Tuesday: Black Bean & Corn Quesadilla with Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Rotisserie-Style Chicken with vegetables sides as yet to be determined

Thursday: Chicken and Tofu Enchiladas with a Tomato Salad

Friday: Evening Out

Saturday: Turkey and Vegetable Spaghetti

Sunday: Flaky Fish Sticks from The Mom’s Guide to Meal Makeovers, Green Beans and Tomato Cucumber Salad (bumped from a few weeks ago)

Have a wonderful week!