Menu Plan Monday–April 4


This is my first blog post using Live Writer. I just discovered this software and hoping that in making blogging easier I can post more often!

It seems that during the week my menu plan is great, but come the weekend, it tends to derail. Of course if I could get my husband to take part in menu planning, it would help take into consideration his preferences. But alas, that hasn’t happened yet. That is okay, though, I don’t really mind and why being flexible is so important. After all, it is only a PLAN and not written in stone.

As for this past week, I finally made the fish sticks! My son loved them – he gobbled them up. I used cod, though I really want to try it with salmon next time. The lasagna in the slow cooker turned out really well. I did add more sauce though, as I just can never make that recipe work otherwise. Or maybe I just like more sauce. But I love the tofu in the recipe, and you really cannot tell (though we like tofu in our house). We have a good bit left in the freezer for another week too.

This week I am working on clearing out the freezer and pantry. It is pretty full and will really help save some money. Here is what is on our menu this week:

Monday: Mustard Maple Pork Tenderloin, Parmesan Spinach Cakes and Pressure-Cooked Carrots

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Thursday: Pinto Beans & Rice with Green Beans [using my leftover pinto beans from a few weeks ago]

Friday: Pinto Bean Nachos with Steamed Broccoli [using the rest of my leftover pinto beans from a few weeks ago]

Saturday: Evening Out

Sunday: Spaghetti with Chicken Sausage

When was the last time you cleaned out your freezer and pantry?