Menu Plan Monday – September 23


It has been a busy week on my blog! It isn’t too often that I get 4 posts up in a week! If you missed it, I recapped sessions on mindful eating and eating competence from a conference I attended last month, discussed my commitment to family-style meals and of course, a new recipe for no bake peanut butter graham chocolate bites. In the family-style meal photo above, you’ll notice that I took this picture the night we had the Garden Turkey Meatballs and Spaghetti. I love this recipe – very easy and tasty. I made the meatballs in the afternoon and then threw them in the slow cooker with the sauce on low for about 2 hours until it was time for dinner.


And I can’t believe I haven’t tried the no bake dessert thing sooner. So easy! And so many different variations of these bites that are possible. For the chocolate and peanut butter lovers out there, this is for you (and I can now count myself as one of them).


Last night we had a big family dinner at our house. I spent the majority of the afternoon cooking and we have plenty of leftovers for the week ahead! I made two different entree dishes to please the crowd: my old standby, Rotisserie-Style Chicken in the Slow Cooker and Marinated Pork Loin, which is probably one of my new favorite recipes. I finally used my new potato ricer to make mashed potatoes. This is a fun tool and I look forward to doing more with it! For dessert, I made Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pound Cake (which unfortunately you can’t really see in the picture above – well, you see the bundt pan but not the actual cake – had a little trouble getting it out of the pan). This is a very interesting recipe, using Sprite in the mix and no baking powder, baking soda or salt (such a bonus for me being on a low sodium diet!). It was wonderful and so moist. I want to play with it and make some different variations (I’m envisioning something with apples and apple butter for fall). I’m a sucker for good pound cake.

Here is what is on our menu this week (plus lots of fresh fruit):

Monday: Shepherd’s Pie (using last night’s leftovers) with a Spinach, Apple and Cranberry Salad

Tuesday: Moroccan Lentil Soup with Homemade Rosemary Bread

Wednesday: Chicken and Veggie Quesadillas with Roasted Butternut Squash

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Salmon Cakes (from the freezer) with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli

Saturday: Evening Out

Sunday: Dinner with Friends

Have a wonderful week. For more menu planning ideas, go to Menu Plan Monday on I’m an Organizing Junkie!