Menu Plan Monday – May 5


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Last week’s menu had some hits and a miss, at least according to the children. The hit was the Veggie Patch Tofu Pie with Baked Cauli-Tots. The Cauli-tots were really good. I’m not sure my son or husband even realized they were made with cauliflower until I told them. The Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese was a hit with the adults, but not so much with the children. Even a friend’s daughter, who is admittedly a better veggie eater than my own, wasn’t thrilled with it.

Here is what is on the menu for this week:

Meal 1: Huevos Rancheros with a Kale Salad and Cantaloupe

Meal 2: Grilled Salmon and Zucchini with Red Pepper Sauce over Freekeh

Meal 3: Creamy Veggie Ravioli Casserole with Strawberries

Meal 4: Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken with Brown Rice and Broccoi

Have a wonderful week!