Other health and sports practitioners whom Ann works with on a regular basis:

Georgia Sports Chiropractic – Dr. Josh Glass works with athletes of all abilities to treat and prevent musco-skeletal injuries as well as biomechanical imbalances. He also treats common aches and pains associated with everyday life. Other services at his office include an AlterG Anti-gravity treadmill, a hyperbaric chamber and pneumatic compression. Dr. Glass has personally helped Ann recover from plantar fascitis, muscular imbalance and the effects of vertigo.

Georgia Sports Massage – A group of licensed sports massage therapists that enhance their client’s active lifestyles. Ann can attest that she would not have made it through 2 Ironman races if it weren’t for the wonders Collette Ragan Glass performed on her muscles!

Continuum Sports Solutions – Kyle O’Day integrates therapy and sports performance into custom solutions that help athletes in a variety of ways, including recovering from recenty injury or chronic injury, customizing a strength and conditioning, correcting running form or preparing for a specific event.

55 Nine Performance – Husband and wife team, Eddie and Namrita O’Dea provide expert bike fitting, Dartfish video analysis, coaching for mountain bikers, cyclists and triathletes as well as sports nutrition.

Here are some of my favorite websites for nutrition information and other interests:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
This website has a wealth of information for the consumer and nutrition professionals alike. Go straight to the source for nutrition information from the nutrition experts! Whether you are looking for general nutrition information, weight management or for nutrition information for specific disease states, you’ll find your answers here.

MyPlate has replaced MyPyramid. It incorporates the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans into an interactive website for people of all ages. You can find information on the different food groups, meal plans, track your meals, play games, etc – all for free. There are special sections for children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as well.

Calorie King
This is a great website with a free searchable database of the nutrient content of food. You can also pay a nominal fee to use their online or downloadable food journal. Online weight programs are also offered for a fee.

Fit Day
This is one of my favorite free online food journals. They also have a more expanded edition that you can download to your computer for a nominal fee.

Runner’s World
This is a great website with informative articles, blogs and training programs for all levels of runners.