I’ll take yogurt with that please….

Finally, Cameron has outgrown his intolerance to the protein found in dairy products. This means freedom for me, as I’ve been dairy free since his birth (and I love cheese, milk and yogurt!), and yogurt for Cameron! Yogurt is a great source of protein, calcium and gut-friendly probiotics. Yes, there are alternatives for those that can’t do dairy, such as soy milk and soy yogurt, which are both very good. For a short while I was soy free as well, which was even more difficult. During that time I discovered So Delicious Yogurt made with coconut milk – YUMMY! What a delicious treat, but it is not the most affordable option. And dairy free cheese just isn’t the same, in my opinion. But I digress.

Stoneyfield YoBaby is our yogurt of choice. And Cameron absolutely loves it. Just seeing the yogurt container gets him all giddy with excitement. He will eat pretty much anything if it is mixed with yogurt. And I mean anything – meat, vegetables, fruit, you name it. While I don’t advocate tricking a child into eating something, disguising is okay in my book. And we always tell Cameron exactly what it is he is eating. He is happy as long as he gets his yogurt. At least there is a food he is passionate about!

What foods get you giddy with excitement?