Want to lose, gain or maintain weight? Need help with a chronic condition? Are you performing at your best in your sport? Is your child struggling with sports performance?

Ann is both your partner and your coach, working with you to create realistic strategies customized just for your life. Ann can meet one-on-one or with families and couples, groups of friends or co-workers.

Ann has a no-nonsense approach to nutrition and uses evidence-based research as her foundation. Ann helps people focus on what foods to eat rather than focusing on what not to eat. We all lead hectic lives and having a dietitian in your corner helps to cut through all the clutter and make lasting changes to improve your health.

Ann counsels clients on a number of health issues, including:

  • Weight Management
  • Family and pediatric nutrition
  • Maternal nutrition
  • Heart disease (including high cholesterol, high triglycerides & high blood pressure)
  • Sports Nutrition

Take Ann shopping!

Tour your favorite grocery store with Ann, and she will:

  • Demonstrate how to compare products and make better choices based upon your health goals
  • Discuss label reading and claims on foods
  • Assess how your favorites foods fit into a healthy lifestyle
  • Show you what foods to add to your diet
  • Give you great tips for saving money, navigating the store and getting the most bang for your buck
  • Discuss menu planning

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Does your kitchen need a nutrition makeover? Ann can come to your house and help you go through your cabinets, refrigerator and freezer to help you assess the foods that you buy as well as discuss how to make better choices. It’s very helpful for Ann to see a person in their natural environment as it provides a realistic picture on which to make practical suggestions.  During your time together Ann will discuss with you:

  • Types of foods and best choices within each category
  • Food preferences/habits
  • Cooking preparation techniques and tips
  • Label reading

Recipe Analysis and Development

Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to have analyzed? Or do you want to make a family recipe healthier to fit with your health goals? Ann will analyze your recipe, providing a detailed nutrient breakdown. In addition, Ann’s experience in the kitchen can help transform your favorite dishes into ones that are better for your family’s health.

Sports Nutrition

Eat to nourish, energize and flourish!TM  are words for anyone to live by, but are even more important for athletes to follow. When athletes eat the proper foods at the appropriate times, energy, high performance and quick recovery can be expected. The trick is knowing what foods to eat and when.

Ann partners with her clients to come up with individual plans based on performance goals, lifestyle, health parameters and specific demands of the sport. While the majority of Ann’s clients are runners, cyclists and triathletes, Ann is well-versed and understands the demands of a wide variety of sports. I’ve helped numerous athletes with a variety of issues, including:

  • healthy weight loss
  • race day nutrition plan
  • nutrition periodization for the training cycle
  • target certain health conditions related to sports such as anemia, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, muscle cramps, GI issues and recurring fractures
  • improve performance through nutrition
  • proper weight gain
  • off-season weight maintenance
  • ensure nutrition adequacy for those adhering to special diets

Ann’s goal is to help athletes perform at the best of their abilities by working with them to create a sound nutrition program that fuels their performance and health needs.

Please contact Ann to discuss how she can help you eat to nourish, energize and flourish!