Contact Ann today and she will work with you to find custom solutions that will solve your organization’s nutrition problems.

Athletic Programs

Are  your athletes struggling with weight issues, nagging injuries or have questions regarding supplements?

Coaches want their athletes to be healthy and performing at their peak. Nutrition is often the missing ingredient in most training regimens. Ann can work with your athletes to provide nutrition education one-on-one or in a group setting to help your team be at their best.


Does your facility struggle to provide better food choices on a limited budget or in a limited amount of space?

Everyone wants the best for their children and to start them off on the right foot. The toddler and preschool age is a ripe time for learning. Ann can help develop your menus, recipes and training materials for staff to give the children a taste for good nutrition.


Is your school trying to find healthy menu items that the children will eat and also fit into a tight budget?

These days, schools have to do more with less while still complying with new federal regulations for school breakfast and lunch programs. Ann is well-versed in school nutrition and can provide a variety of services including menu planning, recipe development, nutrient analysis, staff training and nutrition education.


Does your restaurant need to comply with new labeling laws or are you offering specialty items for sale and need a food label? Do you need to add healthier fare to your menu or children’s menu? Does your staff understand the danger posed by food allergies and cross-contamination in the kitchen? Have you recently received a bad food service score from the health inspector?

Ann has worked extensively in the restaurant business and understands the ins and outs of the front and back of house operations. She can provide recipe analysis, food labels, and allergen training. Ann is also ServSafe certified and can help your establishment improve food safety for your employees and customers.

Food Industry

Are you trying to improve the nutritional quality of your food products? Do you need to have your foods analyzed by a computer program and a nutrition fact panel generated?

Ann is passionate about cooking and has taken culinary classes to improve her techniques so that she is better qualified to alter recipes and develop new ones. Ann uses the Nutribase software program to analyze recipes and develop nutrition fact panel labels for your product. There is both an art and a science to recipe analysis. Ann uses her extensive knowledge of cooking, food and nutrition to deliver accurate results in a timely manner.

Media Spokesperson

Do you have a great food product that needs more attention from consumers?

Ann is a nutrition expert and is passionate about sharing that knowledge with others. Ann only works with those companies whose products she would eat herself or serve to her family.