Recipe Redux – Mango Gazpacho

This month’s Recipe Redux theme is “beat the summer heat with no cook meals.” Summer is peak growing season for many fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs. While cooking can bring out a variety of flavors as well as enhance nutrients in some cases (i.e., cooked tomatoes have a much greater lycopene content than raw), there […]

Should I Buy Organic Produce?

This is a question I am often asked by clients, friends and family. Please see my guest post on Dr. Z and Friends for my short and to the point answer!

Menu Plan Monday – June 4

  I really don’t know how it is already June. This year is flying by. We had a wonderful family weekend though. The highlight was hiking on Saturday, which was a gorgeous day. We hiked Pigeon Hill, Little Kennesaw and Big Kennesaw Mountain. If you are local to Marietta, GA you know that there are […]

Should You Buy Organic Fruits and Veggies?

This is a common question and concern I hear often from people. And the answer is, it depends. Each year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases their “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” lists. They take data released from the USDA and FDA on pesticide residue on 53 fresh produce items and rank them in order […]

The Water Cooler: The Sweet Truth about Fruit

In various settings lately, I’ve overheard the comment that an otherwise healthy person is avoiding eating fruit because of its sugar content. This is precisely the wrong thing to do and a misunderstanding of nutrition information. While yes, we need to limit the amount of sugar we eat daily it is the ADDED sugar that […]

10 Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

March is National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is “Eat Right With Color.” It is about using color as a guide to eat more fruits and vegetables – the more color we add to our plate, the better off we will be. But in reality, how do we do it? There are a number of ways, […]

Tailgating Recipes

Below are the recipes featured on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Feel free to experiment and adjust ingredients to your liking, that is half the fun in cooking! Game Day Hummus Ingredients: 1 16oz can of no-salt added chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained (reserve liquid) Juice of 1 […]

Tailgating on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta

This morning I had the pleasure of doing two live segments on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta on healthy tailgating. I focused on side dishes and how to get more fruits and vegetables on the tailgating table. It was so much fun! The recipes are posted in my blog post Tailgating Recipes. You can watch both video […]

Don’t Get Sidelined: Healthy Tailgating Tips

Are you ready for some football!!!!! I know I am. Please check out my guest blog on Around the Plate to read more about it.

Expanding Our Horizons

Cameron is going to be in an in-home daycare starting at the end of January. So we have been focusing on expanding the number of foods he has been exposed to and will eat. It has been slow progress the past few months. Cameron is not that into food, at least not yet. Between his […]