Menu Plan Monday – June 3

I was actually on vacation last week and now that we are back, I’m trying to get back on track! Yes, I still had a menu plan last week – we had to eat something while we were away, but I didn’t want to be cooking the whole week either. Expect a post soon about vacation […]

Menu Plan Monday – April 8

Our children had Spring Break this past week and we took a day to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see all of the tulips in bloom, which were stunning. Thankfully it wasn’t too cool and it had stopped raining. The kids loved it, as always. We got a family pass this past year […]

Chocolate Cherry Avocado Muffin Recipe

I created this recipe for Primrose Schools’ blog, 360 Parenting, in honor of American Heart Month, which is February. While it is no longer February, eating heart healthy should be done year-round. Lucky for us that dark chocolate, avocados and tart cherries contribute to a heart healthy diet. And really, how could you possibly resist these delicious […]

Menu Plan Monday – March 4

Before I get to the food this past week, which there were some home run dishes, I wanted to share my wonderful news. I was honored by the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with the Distinguished Service to the Media Award. I was so excited to be presented with this award as I love […]

Are Organic Foods Better For You?

Organic food is a controversial subject that brings up many emotions, particularly when it comes to feeding children. There is a “halo effect” around organic foods: people automatically assume if something is organic, it is inherently healthier. But is that really the case? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently conducted an extensive review of […]

My Top 10 Recipes of 2012

I love creating new recipes for my family that I get to share with all of you. 2012 was a crazy year as I adjusted to life with 2 children and I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked for creativity in the kitchen. Taking part in the monthly Recipe Redux challenges […]

Menu Plan Monday – October 8

Yesterday we did my favorite fall activity – apple picking at Mercier Orchards! We went last year for the first time and it will always be an annual event for our family. It was pretty chilly and overcast, but that did not deter us from our fun. The apples are not sprayed with pesticides so […]

Getting Started on the Right Foot

Did you hear about the recent study that found an association between what infants eat at 6 months, 15 months and 24 months of age and IQ at the age of 8? Read about how both the mom and dietitian in me reacted as well as how I instill healthy habits in my children on […]

Menu Plan Monday – August 13

We had a wonderful staycation this past week. Though I feel like I am never going to get caught up! My mind has stayed in vacation mode. We visited the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History. My son loves the “train museum” as he calls it, his favorite part being their short movie, […]

Menu Plan Monday – July 30

I’m so excited for the Summer Olympics! I always love watching the Olympics, summer or winter. This year was good timing so close after the end of the Tour de France, one of my other favorite sporting events to watch. What are your favorite sports to watch? Okay, on to the food. This past week, […]