Menu Plan Monday–January 30


This past week we enjoyed some more wonderful meals courtesy of good friends. One of my neighbors is from Peru and brought us a traditional Peruvian dish, called Lomo Saltado. It is strips of marinated beef, stir-fried with onions, peppers and potato wedges served over rice. My family couldn’t get enough of it! I’m hoping she’ll share the recipe with me so I can re-create it. Another friend brought over a delicious Chili Verde with cornbread and a Strawberry Pound Cake. And another friend brought over Turkey Tetrazzini, Cheese Bread and a Green Salad. We have certainly been well fed and blessed with such wonderfully talented friends.

Hopefully as life settles down a bit I can actually start taking pictures of our food with my wonderful camera. As it is right now, I seem to only have a few minutes to eat before I have to go back to feeding my daughter. She has an insatiable appetite in the evenings! But I love the time bonding with her. And I’m finding ways to involve my son, such as reading with him or cheering him on as he builds legos or plays ball with his dad.

I did manage to make one treat this past week, and that is this Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread. I followed the recipe fairly closely, though I did substitute white whole wheat flour for half of the flour. I also didn’t put enough of the filling into the middle of the batter, leaving too much for the top which much of fell off as soon as I removed the bread from the pan. I want to play around with the recipe some more though to cut back on the sugar and make it slightly healthier while retaining its great flavor and texture. But my whole family loved it and over half the loaf is gone in less than 24 hours!

I’m actually going to attempt to cook one or two dinners this week. We’ll see how that goes. But here is my tentative plan for the week:

Monday: Skillet Gnocchi with Swiss Chard and White Beans

Tuesday: Turkey Bratwurst Patties on Whole Wheat Buns with an Apple and Green Salad

Wednesday: Easy Salmon Cakes with Roasted Carrots and Fresh Fruit

Thursday: Slow Cooker Maple Country Style Ribs with Sweet and Savory Brussels Sprouts with Quinoa

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Friends bringing dinner

Sunday: SUPER BOWL!! (not sure of our plans just yet)

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