Menu Plan Monday–February 13


Last week’s menu had to be revamped pretty early on as I have had to make some more drastic changes to my diet. In addition to avoiding dairy, I now have to cut out all soy from my diet. This is because we suspect my daughter has MSPI, or milk soy protein intolerance. Since I am breastfeeding, I have to change my diet to protect her from the effects, which includes copious spitting up and reflux. Despite all that, she is gaining weight well! I just hate her obvious discomfort at times.

Fortunately these dietary changes are only temporary as she should outgrow it by the time she is a year old, if not sooner. My son had an intolerance to only dairy products and outgrew it by the time he was 9 months old. I miss cheese! I will say that avoiding soy is the larger pain though as soy is in everything these days. Good thing I like to cook! Now if only I had about 5 more hours in every day. It is all worth it though in providing the best possible nutrition for my daughter, and in the grand scheme of things, it is really just a short period of time.

From last week’s menu, I ended up making the Lemon and Herb Roasted Chicken rather than the rotisserie-style. I love this one too and it renders a fabulous broth that I used to make a wonderful barley pilaf the next night. It also gives me an excuse to trim back some rosemary off our bush that is growing to an insane size.

My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I am planning on making one of his favorite meals anyway! Here is this week’s menu:

Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup with a Green Salad

Tuesday: Grilled Flank Steak with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and Sautéed Green Beans

Wednesday: Vegetarian Taco Salad

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Easy Salmon Cakes with Steamed Broccoli

Saturday: Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala with Brown Rice

Sunday: Friends bringing dinner

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! For more inspiration, check out Menu Plan Monday over at I’m an Organizing Junkie.