Menu Plan Monday–April 25


We had quite a weekend. I planted my garden! Yay! I’m so excited to have a garden again. Last year I decided to just do a container garden in an effort to simplify, but I missed the garden. I’m still trying to find my green thumb though as I haven’t had great success in the past, container or garden. I planted 4 different varieties of tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers  and okra. I’ll post pictures as it grows – right now it isn’t much to look at. I’m also planting a variety of herbs in the containers.

My other fun project was baking these gems, pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I found the recipe back in the fall and never got around to making them. Yes, I know it is spring and not fall, but I finally located some pumpkin again the other week at my grocery store after it has been out for a while, and couldn’t resist. It was the perfect treat for Easter morning. I really do love cinnamon rolls, but it is something I rarely eat, and this was my first time making them from scratch. They were delicious! I followed the recipe, except that I substituted half of the flour for whole wheat. My husband has requested I make them every morning, which is definitely not going to happen.

The big hit from last week’s menu was the Thai Chicken. It had great flavor, though I did amend the recipe somewhat, cutting back on the soy sauce and a little on the peanut butter. I also really liked the tempeh, potatoes and broccoli dish. The family liked it as well. I ended up not making two dishes that have moved forward to this week – the sunflower zucchini pie and the chicken pot pie bundles.

Here is what’s on the menu this week, highlighting a bunch of fresh lettuce greens picked from a friend’s garden:

Monday: Sunflower Zucchini Pie with Salad and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday: Greek Chicken and Vegetable Ragout

Wednesday: Easy Salmon Cakes over a Green Salad with Steamed Broccoli

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Evening Out

Saturday: Chicken Pot Pie Bundles with Green Salad

Sunday: Hamburgers* with Homemade Buns, Green Beans and Sweet Potato Fries

*I’ll post my hamburger recipe next week. My family and friends love them.