Menu Plan Monday–April 11


Is it a shock to anyone that my weekly meal plan was derailed again come Thursday? It was for a good reason though, my sister and her fiancé came for dinner and actually brought us dinner. That was a nice surprise. My sister has been working on perfecting a chicken enchiladas recipe, and it was very tasty.Then we still had leftovers to take care of on the other nights that I refashioned in various ways. That is the beauty of meal planning though, it is a flexible system that at least has a plan in place so I’m not scrambling wondering what’s for dinner.

But I did make a new purchase that I’ll be cooking from this week. Fellow dietitian Jill Nussinow, aka, The Veggie Queen, has just e-published a pressure cooker cookbook, The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals in Minutes. I downloaded it the other night and have had fun skimming it over. It has some creative and great vegetarian dishes, of course. I’m very excited to try these dishes and expand my pressure cooking repertoire. And by the way, if you are interested, the book is on sale to celebrate it’s release – only $9.99 until 4/15/11!

Also, I finally made it up to our local farmer’s market that opened last weekend. It was great to see the market back in action and it has been absolutely packed the past two weeks from what I’ve heard. It was interesting to see many of the same vendors as last year, though farm fresh eggs are definitely in more abundance this year. I think people are starting to get the message that fresh and local is definitely best. I picked up some fresh kale, okra and zucchini to add to my menu this week. I was on my way to do my endurance spin bike ride at the time, so I couldn’t buy much and have it sit in my hot car all day.

So this week’s menu has some repeats from last week that didn’t get made, and I’m still working on cooking from my very well-stocked pantry and freezer, which means hardly any money spent at the grocery store except for a few basics – yay! Here is this week’s plan:

Monday: Baked Salmon, Quinoa and Orange Glazed Broccoli with Carrots and Kale from The Veggie Queen’s The New Fast Food

Tuesday: Pinto Beans and Rice with leftover Broccoli, Carrots and Kale from Monday

Wednesday: Cheesy Beany Zucchini Quesadillas from the Meal Makeover Mom’s No Whine with Dinner and Roasted Okra and Butternut Squash

Thursday: Homemade Pizza and Spinach Strawberry Salad

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Evening Out

Sunday: Spaghetti with Chicken Sausage