Menu Plan Monday – July 28

Unfortunately I never could make any of my planned menu last week. I was sick the entire week and then both of my children got sick as well. We ate a lot of soup and some leftovers from the freezer. I love having backup meals in the freezer or things that are easy to throw together for these instances. So this week I am trying to get us back on track before school starts next week – eek!

This week’s plan is mostly the same as last week with a few slight changes in side dishes:

Meal 1: Red Beans and Rice with Sauteed Spinach and Carrots

Meal 2: Yaki Udon with Fresh Pineapple

Meal 3: Poached Salmon with Peach Salad

Meal 4: Sesame Honey Chicken with Jasmine Rice and Broccoli

Have a great and healthy week!