Menu Plan Monday – December 9


Oh my, I’m terribly late getting this posted today. I’ve had a number of deadlines the past few days and unfortunately posting my menu plan has taken a back seat. However, as hectic as it is right now, I still make the time do plan out a weekly menu for my menu. I just couldn’t survive without it, nor would we eat very well if I didn’t. It is all about keeping it simple though.


I created a new recipe for our taco bar night this past week. It was a beef and bean mixture with homemade taco seasoning, in the slow cooker! I will share the recipe soon. It turned out great. And then the family piled on whatever toppings they desired. I love doing these type of create your own nights with my children. It can definitely get messy but the kids love it. We’ve done it with homemade pizza, paninis, and baked potatoes.


But hands down, the family favorite meal of the week was the  Szechuan Green Beans and Ground Turkey pictured above. It was better than most I’ve had in a Chinese restaurant and my family concurred. My mother-in-law happened to join us for dinner that night and she loved it. I took this as a great complement as my Chinese cooking never compares to hers, or my husband’s for that matter. I foresee us eating this dish more often!

Here is what is planned for this week:

Monday: Spring Onion Casserole with a Green Salad (bumped from last week)

Tuesday: Beany, Cheesy, Zucchini Quesadillas and Roasted Butternut Squash

Wednesday: Roasted Salmon with Cider Apple Glaze over Freekeh and Broccoli

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Evening out

Saturday: Husband’s office party potluck (not sure what I’m making just yet)

Sunday: My birthday dinner

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