Expanding Our Horizons

Cameron is going to be in an in-home daycare starting at the end of January. So we have been focusing on expanding the number of foods he has been exposed to and will eat. It has been slow progress the past few months. Cameron is not that into food, at least not yet. Between his mom and dad’s genes, he is bound to show more interest at some point!

He is eating more food from the table now and I’m really not specially preparing all that much for him. He can chew okay with his two little bottom teeth – though the top two are starting to make an appearance. He still will not feed himself or hold his own cup, but baby steps. After Cameron turned a year, I introduced whole milk in a cup. We are weaning off daytime nursing, breast milk and bottles. So far, so good.

Still allowing three days between the introduction of new foods, Cameron is generally willing to try new things though he may not always want more. Of course, yogurt still comes in handy some days and we mix it with other foods, though we are doing it less than before. But we still keep trying. It can take 15-20 tries of something new before a child likes it. We’ve seen this with green beans and peas. Cameron wouldn’t eat either for a long time, but now he loves them both.

Also since we’ve reached the one year milestone, I’ve introduced Cameron to citrus fruit. Pineapple is now his favorite fruit with oranges in a close second. While veggies are hit or miss, I haven’t found a fruit yet that Cameron won’t eat. Thank goodness. I make sure that he eats a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables every day, that way I know that he is getting a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (the other components of plants with health benefits).

All of this expansion with Cameron has made me look at my own diet and the need to add variety. It is very easy to get into the rut of eating the same things all the time. So I’m starting to push my own boundaries as well when it comes to food. When was the last time you tried a new food?