Menu Plan Monday – April 28

Last week’s menu didn’t go exactly according to plan. I did some extra cooking one day with a friend and colleague for a new project we are working on and will be announcing soon. How is that for a tease??!! But it provided lots of leftovers for family meals for much of the week. So […]

Menu Plan Monday – April 21

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! We had a great day with family and hunting some Easter eggs. And of course we took our prerequisite family pictures outside our church. One of these days, I’ll have to put a collage together over the years of these pictures. And these two are growing up too fast! […]

Menu Plan Monday – April 14

One of the pitfalls in menu planning is following through on that menu plan! At least that was mine last week. True confession time. And it was because I never went grocery shopping after I planned out my menu. So we ate from food on hand, which can be a good thing sometimes and I […]

Menu Plan Monday – April 7

I love Spring, particularly because all of the trees, flowers and plants are in bloom! My neighborhood is definitely one of the prettiest around once all of the azaleas and dogwoods are in full bloom. And this year I am particularly excited because both of our Asian pear trees were covered in blooms. Maybe this […]

Menu Plan Monday – March 31

It is hard to believe it is April this week! Do you do anything for April Fool’s Day? My family used to play all kinds of jokes. I remember my grandmother one year putting cotton balls in all of the biscuits she made for our family brunch. Well, all of the biscuits except those served […]

Menu Plan Monday – March 24

Did you see my new recipe for Cucumber Ranch Dressing at the end of last week? It was a big hit at our house this past weekend as we had some play dates and all of the children enjoyed dipping their veggies in it. And I finally got around to trying my hand at making my […]

Menu Plan Monday – March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you will be celebrating with some wonderful green vegetables today. Friday, I got to go to a local Chinese restaurant, House of Lu, and taste test a new menu item, pho! I adore a good bowl of pho and unfortunately where I live there isn’t anywhere close by to eat […]

Menu Plan Monday – March 10

Daylight savings is such a mixed bag for me – on one hand, I love that it gets dark later, especially as T-ball season gets underway, but losing that hour of sleep is always rough. My children fared a little better with it than they have in years past, I will say. We’ll see how […]

Menu Plan Monday – March 3

We had beautiful weather yesterday and finally were able to take C and E hiking on Kennesaw Mountain. I love being on the trails with my children and we are lucky to have the mountain so close. Finding fun ways to be active as a family is so important as I want my children to […]

Menu Plan Monday – February 24

From this past week, the Black Bean Cakes were outstanding. I topped it with some plain Greek yogurt and a few avocado slices and served it with a fried egg. C and E ate more of the egg than the black bean cakes. This recipe is definitely a keeper for the black bean cakes and were easy […]