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Menu Plan Monday–April 25

We had quite a weekend. I planted my garden! Yay! I’m so excited to have a garden again. Last year I decided to just do a container garden in an effort to simplify, but I missed the garden. I’m still trying to find my green thumb though as I haven’t had great success in the […]

Ovarian Cycle Report and Menu Plan Monday–April 18

This past weekend I took part in an amazing charity event, Ovarian Cycle, a 6 hour indoor cycling event that raises money for ovarian cancer research. Ovarian Cycle started here in Atlanta though now in its 8th year, the ride has expanded to 6 cities across the United States. This year over $300,000 has been […]

The Water Cooler: Overheard on Twitter

The other day I was reading through my twitter feed and saw a post by another dietitian commenting on what she overheard at the gym that day. She heard a woman apologizing to her trainer for being “embarrassing” and the “fat woman on the floor.” This was very sad to read that the woman did […]

Menu Plan Monday–April 11

Is it a shock to anyone that my weekly meal plan was derailed again come Thursday? It was for a good reason though, my sister and her fiancé came for dinner and actually brought us dinner. That was a nice surprise. My sister has been working on perfecting a chicken enchiladas recipe, and it was […]

The Water Cooler: Overheard at the Gym

I’ve been contemplating starting this series for a while now, and it is time to just dive in and do it! Often as we go about our daily lives, we overhear other people’s conversations. Sometimes it is funny, truthful, suspicious, scary or even downright outrageous. I will discuss the things that I overhear with regards […]

Menu Plan Monday–April 4

This is my first blog post using Live Writer. I just discovered this software and hoping that in making blogging easier I can post more often! It seems that during the week my menu plan is great, but come the weekend, it tends to derail. Of course if I could get my husband to take […]