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Menu Plan Monday – February 28

Menu Plan Monday is back! I apologize for the lapse but I was sick last week and the last thing I was thinking about was food, much less trying to plan what to eat for the week. My family survived on leftovers and my husband’s cooking from the pantry and freezer (which he is quite good […]

Dietary Confessions, I was a Salt Addict

  Have you seen that salt or sodium intake has been in the news lately? The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 were recently released and one of the key recommendations is that Americans need to significantly reduce their sodium, or salt, intake. The reason being is that in pproximately half of Americans, a high sodium intake […]

Book Review and Giveaway!

  As you all know, I have become such a big fan of menu planning. If I had only listened and realized what a time saver and stress reliever it was in the long run, I would have jumped on the bandwagon a long time ago! Learn from my mistakes, and start now. There are […]

Yummy Chicken and Tofu Enchiladas

The chicken [and tofu] enchiladas turned out better than I had expected. Using this recipe as a reference, I made a number of changes to lighten it up, while giving it extra flavor. This is also a great way to introduce tofu to your family, as it blends right into the chicken mixture and soaks up […]

Menu Plan Monday

It has been a crazy weekend with a sick little boy, so I’m behind in getting my plan together and posted. Last week’s plan had some modifications mid-week, but the biggest surprise was the Turkey Bratwurst Patties. They really did taste just like bratwurst, but without all the grease! I will definitely make these again. […]

Healthy Twist on Super Bowl Favorites

   The Super Bowl is almost here! And I love a good excuse to put together yummy food with a theme. Football provides the perfect opportunity, there are so many ways to spin it. The team colors are always fun to play up in food with fruits and veggies. But you can also honor the […]