“Don’t Agonize. Organize”

Florynce Kennedy’s famous quote rings in my ears and is something I need to plaster around my house. In my efforts to get organized and find a balance between work and home life, I make lists. I prefer the old fashioned paper to pen method. I’ve tried to use the computer, my iPod touch or the like for lists but it just doesn’t work the same for me. There are times I get lazy and don’t make lists. And these are the times that I fall behind, feel lost and am not nearly as productive as I could be or should be. So I must take time and make my lists.

The list that seems to be the most difficult to make is my weekly meal planning and grocery shopping list. While I am generally good with making a grocery list, which I then code according to coupons I plan on using (I’m trying to become an extreme couponer but that is another story), I prefer to keep a loose version of the weekly meal plan in my head. I think that is because I don’t know what I’m going to be in the mood for from one day to the next. But working, raising my son and trying to keep up with housework makes it more imperative that I have a plan. So I’m working on changing my habits to create a plan, put it on paper and stick with it. I am much less stressful when I do. Enter fellow registered dietitian and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kati Mora.

The Quick List

Kati has created the perfect solution for my list dilemma. It is a grocery shopping list and weekly meal planner all in one, that she calls The Quick List. Not only is it super functional, but it is super cute too. It comes in either pink or green. But she is also willing to customize it to a color of your choosing. It is only $2 and will be emailed to you so that you can print it out as you need it and use it over and over. Just please be considerate and don’t pass along to anyone outside your household.

Coffee Cuff

Kati is truly talented, and not just in her nutrition knowledge. She has created a whole line of nutrition and kitchen accessories. My personal favorite in the accessory department are the coffee cuffs, which come in a variety of cute colors and patterns. Why not do something green by foregoing the paper coffee sleeve and use one of these. Along those same lines she has made some great 100% cotton reusable market bags. These are washable, which is very important. How many of you have thought to wash your reusable grocery bags? Bags can harbor all kinds of harmful bacteria after a few uses but many bags are not that easy to clean. These certainly are and have a multitude of uses. Other handmade items available are placemats and kitchen towels

Coco Market Bag

Kati has very generously offered up a $10 gift certificate to one my lucky readers. Please post a comment with your own organization tip and I will randomly choose a winner among the comments on Saturday.